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dc.contributor.authorwa Chidongo, Dr. Tsawe-Munga
dc.description.abstractPre- colonial Women for years (Africa) in particular were regarded simply as being weak, fearful and with no power to speak out their intentions and greavances. They were underestimated; said to be only suitable for working in kitchens and performing lesser duties than men. Women were also said to be shy and even unable to express their grievances. (Brantley, 1985) They were said to have relied on men for decision making (Ngome 2012) un published paper This study explores the life history and activities of a renowned Kenyan Giriama woman from the coast of Kenya. Her name is Me-Katilili and her history has of recent has drown the attention of national and global scholars about her legacy in independent Kenya and African in general. The current study limits Mekatilili as an African Indigenous oral Theologian whose movement and activities have not keenly been taken as sources that can emulated by African feminists theologiansen_US
dc.publisherKabarak Universityen_US
dc.titleMekatilili wa Menza: Her movement as a Model for Africa’s Feminist Theologiansen_US

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