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dc.contributor.authormung’ou, Cherotich
dc.contributor.authorkwanya, Dr tom
dc.contributor.authorosodO, Dr joseph
dc.description.abstractPeace is defined as the absence of widespread physical violence. The term is derived from Galtung’s (1976) idea of positive peace where non-violence, social justice and ecological sustainability remove the causes of war by addressing the root causes of war. The former UN Secretary General Boutros-Ghali in his article entitled Agenda for Peace defined peace building as the action to identify and support structures which would tend to strengthen and solidify peace in order to avoid a relapse into conflict (Boutros-Ghali, 1992). According to Jeong (2003) a comprehensive approach to peacebuilding involves engaging a variety of actors working through different means to achieve peaceen_US
dc.publisherKabarak Universityen_US
dc.titleThe role of faith-based organisations in peacebuilding in Mt Elgon regionen_US

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