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dc.contributor.authorMacharia, Titus Karuri
dc.description.abstractThe nexus between the mind and socio-cultural setting begets the concept ‘Cognitive Linguistics’ which is an appliance exploited to make sense of experiences in contexts where provisions of grammar are too inadequate( Evans, et al., 2007). Cognitive linguistics is a school of linguistics that assumes that language is not the product of particular structures in the brain, but of the general cognitive systems that human beings use for conceptualizing all aspects of reality (Fauconnier & Turner, 2002). In the paradigm of cognitive linguistics, metaphors are perceived to be the tools that help make sense of abstract notions through concrete onesen_US
dc.publisherKabarak Universityen_US
dc.subject“The River and the Source.”en_US
dc.titleConceptual Metaphors in Margaret Ogola's Novel: “The River and the Source.”en_US

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