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      Ensemble/Band Performance, Effective Curriculum [1]
      ERP, Cloud ERP, ERP implementing framework, Local government ERP, ERP implementation [1]
      Evolution, Adaptation, Manipulation, Climate change, Physical environment, Human activities. [1]
      Fake Journalism, Fake analyses, Political Propaganda, ethno-politics [1]
      Family structure, family change, parenting style, child outcome [1]
      Gender; Enrolment; Accountancy; Education; Inequality [1]
      Indigenous innovations, Entrepreneurship, Mursik [1]
      Institutional Context Factors, Female Students’, Career Choice, TVET Science Programmes [1]
      Intrusion detection, Performance, hybrid, feature selection, classifier. [1]
      Kabaa Mission School, Father Michael Witte, Roman Catholic, Kavaa, Music Education, Curriculum, Akamba, Priests [1]
      Music Industry, Politics, Culture, Tourist Industry, Professional Musicians, Government Policy. [1]
      Music Production, Communication, African, Studio, Video, Societies, Ethnomusicologist [1]
      Music,Kabarak University, Culture, Lecturers, Students, Music Industry, Kenya [1]
      Muzina, Tabu Ley, Congo, Lingala, Music, Prayer [1]
      Natural resources, Alleviation, Absolute poverty, Bomet county. [1]
      Neologisms, Speech community, Social media, Idiosyncrasies, Word formation processes [1]
      Organizational Culture, Remuneration, Private Secondary School [1]
      Photodegradation, ZnO, nanoparticles, organic dyes,green approach [1]
      Policy violation, cloud infrastructure, evaluating and self-protection [1]
      Preferred Learning Styles, Biology, Geography, Teaching [1]