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      Adoption, Agriculture, Conservation, Environmental factors, Small-scale farmers. [1]
      alert correlation, machine learning, model, performance, intrusion detection. [1]
      Artisanal Gold Mining, Capital assets, Organizational dynamics and Value chain [1]
      Blockchain, Ethereum network, smart contract, Real Estate, consensus algorithm. [1]
      Climate change; Climate variability; rainwater harvesting; access to water [1]
      Extractive Industries, Environmental Impacts, Livelihoods, Landscape [1]
      Identity Fraud, Model, Personal Identification System [1]
      Internet of Things, Preeclampsia, Antenatal Care, Prototype, Hypertension, Maternal Mortality, Maternal morbidity [1]
      MANET, Smart Healthcare, Intrusion Detection Systems, Machine Learning, Fused, Internet of Things. [1]
      Marigat, Flash floods, Management. [1]
      Model, Web-based application, Roads [1]
      photocatalysis, anodization, zinc oxide, pigmenting, post deposition treatment, optical properties [1]
      Policy violation, Develop, Cloud, Detection, Weaknesses, Attacks [1]
      smart mobile devices, security threats, security requirements, threat matrix [1]
      SMS, Authentication framework, Transactions, ATM, Mobile Technology. [1]
      SMS, USSD, Location-based mobile advertising, microenterprises [1]
      Social Media, Social Network, Social Network Analysis, Digital forensic evidence, law enforcement [1]
      Watermeter, Zigbee, 802.15.4,Mesh, Multipath, WPAN, RFD, FFD [1]
      web application, cyber-attack, cyber readiness, people, process, technology, policy. [1]