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      Apology, face, politeness, pragmatic competence, English as second language, social variables [2]
      Cohesion, cohesive devices, lexical-ties, errors, hearing-impaired learners [1]
      Constraints, Adult education, Curriculum and Teaching Methodologies [1]
      counselling supervision; institutional theory, theory of planned behaviour, regression analysis; perceived behavioural control, mimetic reinforcement and coercive pressure, attitude, subjective norm; and normative values. [1]
      Determinants, Guidance and Counseling Programme, Hearing impaired Pupils. [1]
      Existential fulfillment; work engagement; job burnout; psychological wellness; counsellors [1]
      Factors, Curriculum, Syllabus, Attitude, Implementation, Integration, Oral literature. [1]
      Guidance programme, Behaviour change, Self-efficacy, Self-esteem, Safe sex [1]
      Hidden costs, Transition rates, Completion rates. Kisii County. [1]
      Implementation Strategies, Guidance, and Counseling, Behaviour Change. [1]
      Information Communication Technologies, Peacebuilding, Mt Elgon region, Kenya [1]
      Job satisfaction, employment factors and academic performance. [1]
      leadership aspiration, socio-cultural factors, institutional factors, selfefficacy, female teachers. [1]
      Learning styles, teaching styles, performance, and biology and geography [1]
      Level of Occupational stress, Coping strategies, Gender, Police Constables. [1]
      Life skills Education, Schools, Students, Influence [1]
      Marriage and family counselling, marital relationship, adjustment, intimacy, socio-demographic factors [1]
      media resources, hearing impaired schools, students, content acquisition, attitude. [1]
      Perception; self-efficacy; institutionalized care; elderly people [1]
      Performance Contracting, Principals, Relationship, Performance, Management functions, Mount Kenya Region. [1]